Thank you for reminding me of the simple joys

“This past weekend I partook in a piece of the journey of your life by reading A Place Called Home. Thank you for reminding me of the simple joys. I was particularly excited when I read the chapter “The Humility Bead.”  I have made it a point to pick up bits and pieces of obscure knowledge about the Native Americans of our region, and along the way I learned this tradition. I wish I could have showed you the humility bead in the beadwork of my wedding dress. It was put there deliberately as a way of saying Kurt is marrying me for who I am, in all my glories, and all my imperfections.”



Stephanie W.
Milwaukee, WI

The essays are delightful and profound

“It was so kind of you to send us a copy of your book, A Place Called Home. We are both enjoying it immensely. Christopher reads me chapters while I cook. The essays are delightful and profound, an inspiration to me as I struggle with my own book project. Many thanks and best wishes.”


Mandy B.
Kaslo, Bristish Columbia

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful little book

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful little book. Your love of the land and family and mastery of the language come shining through delightfully. It’s been said that when love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece. A Place Called Home comes pretty close.”


Ralph W.
Beaver Dam, WI

It is a wonderful book, and a treasure that I will keep

“Just a quick note to say ‘hi’ and to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. Once I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down! There was something so peaceful and comforting that came over me as I read it, perhaps it stirs up my Midwestern roots! It is a wonderful book, and a treasure that I will keep.”


Priscilla W.
Kalama, WA

I found it to be a truly wonderful book

“I just finished reading A Place Called Home and wanted you to know that I found it to be a truly wonderful book. Never again will I take Mother Nature for granted, or worse, ignore it. Never again will I complain about Minnesota winters or sultry summers. When I take Riley (our dog) out for a walk, it will be a joy instead of a chore. Thank you for your book. Thank you for opening my old eyes.”


Pat W.
Pequot Lakes, MN

Thank you!

“I began reading your book the day it arrived. Not only do I enjoy and appreciate your writing but I so admire your appreciation for nature and ability to truly see the tiniest essence of our world. One of my very favorite books of all time that had the same meaning for me was Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. There were times when her words would ground me, and now I have A Sense of Wonder. Thank you!”


Carrie H.
Bloomington, MN

Your long-awaited book has arrived and what a joy it is!

“Your long-awaited book has arrived and what a joy it is! Each evening l read three or four chapters and then probably start again. Thank you so much for writing it and especially thank you for sending Al and me an autographed copy. I’ve ordered several more for family and friends.”


Mary Agnes M.
Edina, MN

Thanks for A Place Called Home!

“Thanks for A Place Called Home! Your timing was perfect – just finished two great books about place and time Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams and Robert Treuer’s Tree Farm when your delightful and insightful volume arrived – a perfect finale to a change of seasons trilogy.”


Tom T.
Port Wing, WI

His love of life, and nature, nurture my currently “citified” spirit

“I lived in Craig’s neck of the woods for 20 years. It’s very comforting to read his stories about northern MN country life. His musings about the North woods and lakes and the adventures and discoveries to be found there, are wonderful. His love of life, and nature, nurture my currently “citified” spirit. They are a gift, even if they make me homesick. Keep shoveling, planting, hiking, enjoying and WRITING Craig!”

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